Ply Rating of Standard Load Tires

July 9th, 2009

Every week I get phone calls asking me about standard load tires and their ply ratings. They’re all pretty basic questions like what does SL stand for, or what’s the ply rating for an SL tire? This post is definitely not your go to source for ply rating information, but hopefully it will answer all your standard load ply related questions.

The ply rating for an SL tire is 4. A classification of SL means it’s a standard load tire. Most passenger tires are standard load, but standard load tires can also be used on some lighter trucks and SUVs.

If your vehicle came with SL tires as it’s original equipment, then SL tires are a suitable replacement.

Ply rating refers to a tire’s strength and its ability to contain air. A 4 ply tire is the equivalent to a B load range and has a maximum load pressure of 35 psi.*

* Be sure to check your vehicle placard to determine your vehicles recommended inflation before filling the tire to 35 psi.

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