Can P-Rated Tires Be Used On Trucks And SUVs?

June 16th, 2009

The answer is maybe. It all depends on your vehicles original equipment tires and their load rating. If you can find replacement tires with the same load carrying capacity or higher than your original equipment tires, passenger tires could be a viable tire option on your truck or SUV.

If your truck or SUV came with P-Rated tires as the original equipment, passenger replacement tires can definitely be used on your vehicle as long as they fit the load range requirements.

It’s possible to use passenger tires on light trucks or SUVs that came with LT-Rated original equipment tires. In order to do so, you have to take the maximum load listed on the passenger tire and reduce it to meet the increased strain added to the carrying capacity of a LT-Rated tire.

To reduce the P-Rated tire load capacity to match your LT tires, you have to divide the passenger tire’s max load by 1.1. If the reduced weight of the passenger tire’s load capacity is the same or higher than the load rating of the original equipment LT-Rated tire, then it could be used as a replacement.

For example:

Original Equipment: LT235/75R15 @50 psi 1985 lbs.
Replacement Tire: P235/75R15XL @41 psi 2183 lbs.

2183 lbs/1.1= 1985 lbs.

The P235/75R15XL would be a suitable option.

If your truck of SUV came with D or E load rated LT tires, it would be impossible, or at least impractical, to consider using P-Rated tires as replacements because they would have an insufficient load capacity.

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